EP Service and Product Prices

Our pricing is competitive & simple!

$39.95Standard Elite Post (Includes flyer box & removal)
$74.95Solar Light Elite Post (Includes flyer box & post removal)
$19.95Lost / Damaged Elite Post
$74.95Lost / Damaged Solar Light Elite Post
$39.95Refusal by Owner / Wrong Address
$19.95 - $39.95Relocate an Elite Post Already Installed
$39.95 ea.Additional Posts
Add $19.95 - $39.95Installation Outside of Pierce County (See order form for details)

          No Surcharge

 Post Rental for 1 year
 Post Removal
 Gas / Milage / Bridge Toll
 Installation & Removal Confirmations
 Flyer Box
 Appointment with Installer
 Signage Inventory &Warehousing